How to brush a rabbit

How to brush a rabbit

Your rabbit has swiftly entered into their big exfoliating season. There is hair fluttering everywhere, and numerous clusters impaling out of your rabbit’s beautiful skin, making them seem like a small raggedy bunny. As you may have guessed out already, brushing a rabbit to get relieved of all that extra hair is not regularly as simple as it seems.

To have the most utmost authority brushing your bunny, you’ll need to discover a method to keep your rabbit lull during the process. For some persons, this may mean keeping your bunny in your thighs while you brush them, but for some, you may need to brush them where they seem secure on the floor. I also practice a method where I brush the bunny with one hand and then quickly caress them with the other hand just to maintain their calmness.

If your rabbit becomes frightened at any period, then tenderly caress them to pacify them down before commencing again. The method should take about 15-20 minutes, but if your rabbit is nervous then you can also split it up into several more succinct sessions during the day.

Below are some techniques to apply while brushing your rabbit

  1. Calm your rabbit first. Before you commence brushing your bunny, you need to get them into a relaxed environment, so they will be less prone to abruptly run off or fright throughout the brushing period. If your rabbit is cool with being handled, you can pick them up to brush them on your thighs. I fancy keeping my bunnies cool by allowing them to stay on the ground while I give them a peaceful massage.
  2. Tenderly brush in the direction of the hair. Once your bunny has tranquilized you can begin tenderly brushing them. If you are making use of a comb, you need to position the comb nearly flat toward your rabbit to avoid punching their gentle skin with the thorns. If you are making use of a glove or brush, avoid crowding too harsh on your rabbit’s skin. You desire to brush their hair, not their skin. Begin by brushing in the direction of the hair. If your rabbit will permit it, you can try revers-combing against the hair, but many won’t prefer that very much. Resume caressing your bunny with your free hand to retain their calmness.
  3. Pluck out some of the loose hairs as it gets revealed. As the hair begins to loosen, you will observe some clusters make their way out of the skin. Oftentimes these will get tight on your bunny’s sides or on their bottom. You can kindly pluck them off as you’re caressing your rabbit. (this is known as butt-plucking).
  4. Brush off excess hairs with your hands. Once you’ve completed an absolute brushing, caress your rabbit with several long strokes on their back. This will eliminate the loose hair that’s on the outside of your rabbit’s fur.

Throughout those heavy molting seasons, you’ll observe your rabbit’s skin becomes rough again later just a few moments. This doesn’t imply you did a poor job. It’s just how bunny molting season works. You’ll need to brush it again tomorrow, and every day till their hair returns to normal again. If your bunny is a really massive shedder, you’ll apparently need to give them many brushing sessions per day.

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